We own and operate a small packing facility that is located on site. This allows us to seamlessly harvest the fruit, then immediately move it to the cold facilities. Once there, we bring down the core temperatures to allow for longer shelf life, and to preserve the fruit at the peak of freshness and flavor.
LaPierre Farms continues to grow and challenge ourselves with organic farming practices. We are open to new and different techniques that enhance our growing experience, as well as ensure the best possible product is available to you. With passion, humility, and hard work, we strive to simply be the best at what we do.

We work with an amazing group of people that take enormous pride in their work. We all share the common goal of producing, packaging, and delivering only truly exceptional fruit. With passion and humility, along with hard work, our desire is to simply be the best at what we do.
We continue to teach the next generation about the love for the land along with having respect for nature.We’re pretty sure they’re getting it.

Our Mission Statement: Our mission here at LaPierre Farms is to continually delight our produce consumers with the freshest, best tasting certified organic fruit available.