Ahhh cherries, what can we say? LaPierre Farms have been growing the most gorgeous cherries for over 25 years. These Washington gems are coddled from the very first blossoms all the way to your grocer’s shelf; with the sole purpose of pure enjoyment.

Organically grown of course, these Rainiers and Bings have the most amazing flavor and the color is out of this world. Nothing says summer like fresh delicious cherries.

LaPierre Farms’ Premium Bing and Rainier organic cherries have a consistent size and incredible flavor that will satisfy your summer cravings. Available June and July.

Other Benefits: The darker the cherry is in color, the more healthy and beneficial it is because they are richer in antioxidants. The fructose in cherries provides energy without harming diabetic patients. Cherries prevent oral infections and keep away bad breath.

Boosts immune system
Reduces risk of cancer
Strengthens cardiac muscles and prevents heart attacks
Protects eyes against infections and ailments
Rich in antioxidant properties
Protects against microbial infections
Gives relief from insomnia and constipation
Helps treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease