Our organically grown pears will impress you with their texture, as well as their palate. We harvest our organic pears when they are a bright green with a very smooth texture. If allowed to ripen thoroughly, they turn a gorgeous golden color that will burst with flavor.

Pears are spectacular in baking and will last several days when chilled.

Here at the farm we simply pick one off the tree for a healthy break-time snack.

Pears are an amazingly versatile fruit. We eat ours fresh from the tree, in sauces, baked and they are a perfect complement to salads. We harvest pears usually in August and early September.

Boosts immune system
Treats eczema and dermatitis
Speeds up wound healing process
Improves digestion and intestinal health
Helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases
Improves blood circulation and red blood cell count

Caution: May cause allergic reactions